Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Second Abortion!

The second attempt at this experiment has failed. It took too much time to import the creatures and move them to the starting position. Before I was even a quarter of the way through the first norn had made it to the meso. I then quickly decided in the moment to only import the first ten. I moved the escaped norns back to the workshop after importing the remaining creatures. And exported the first five to reach the meso. Locking the door behind the fifth. I then proceded to import the remaining norns for the second heat. I allowed the remaining norns from the first round to compete again in an attempt to redeem themselves (I also had a suspicion they would starve to death during the import of the last norns. This time I kept the workshop door locked as I imported the last THIRTEEN norns. It was a lengthy process and although the norns from the first round still hadn't starved, the moans from the workshop as I imported were beginning to sadden me. By the time I had all of the remaining norns in the game the earlier imports were all chomping at the bit. I started the race by first unlocking the workshop, then the hub. As I expected the last five norns from the first heat fell through the door instantly and were swiftly followed by a large group who had sprinted from the workshop. I declared the experiment a failure by this point and am now busy trying to think up a practical way of having races.
Perhaps one on one racing would be better. With a number corresponding to each breed I could randomly pit the breeds against each other until we have a world cup style winner.
Much easier to control. Much less genocide (as only one dies in game at once).

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